It's baaaack.

Alright, so aftera long hiatus from this blog (I still maintain my Livejournal. I never have been good at break ups, and really my LJ has been with me for 11 years now.) I am going to be coming back to it.

Not really going to go too much into my photography, other than to use it to help me make a point, or just to distract you from my poor spelling and grammar.

I have spent a lot of time going over blogs, and in the last couple years I have written for a number of them, analyzed others, worked on SEO for blogs, and really? BUrned myself right out on it. Basically it became...work. And really? Who wants to work when they are not at...work.

Not that anyone who knows me would believe me, but I also burned out on writing and felt as though I had nothing to say. Pff. Now, picture a teakettle about to explode or whatever mental cliched image you can (no, please don't picture me as a giant penis about to spew goo.) But there you have it,ready to write again.

I dunno, maybe being married for that little bit of time sucked the life and the creativity right out of me and I shouldn't blame it on work?


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I knew it would happen eventually!

AV said...

I am using my LJ still too, but it is different. :D